Sunday, May 17, 2009

Picture of the Week!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I just had to share this picture of my daughter that I took on Thursday before I took her to school. I just love this photo. She is growing so fast and while I am so proud of her, a part of me is sad to see the "little" girl slip away and be replaced with a sassy mouthed, sweet, adorable "big" girl. She will turn 10 in September. Double digits!!! Oh my gosh, I feel old!!! lol

I know the sassy mouth is going to continue to get worse, but I just can't get used to hearing it from "my baby". You know what I mean?? I love her so much and she is so smart and witty (she gets that from me) lol!!! Anyway, she will be going to the fourth grade in the fall. I just can't believe it!! Anyway, I had to do a quick post and show you my sweet girl. Be sure to hug your sweetie's today (fur babies included!

Thanks for letting me share. Come back tomorrow and see what I have to show you. I may actually make something!! It's a miracle!! Come see!!


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Oh your daughter is adorable Cathy and I know what you mean. My Zoe is the same age and time just goes by so quickly. They grow up to fast and are so much more knowing at 9 now. Oh I am dreading the Sassy mouth when she is a teenager. Thanks for sharing your photo and hugs to your family, Nikki x

Risa said...

Your daughter is very beautiful Cathy! Thanks for sharing her lovely picture:)

Maria said...

Awww, your daughter is beautiful, Cathy! She has such a pretty smile. I can see you are very proud of her. Kids do grow up quickly. .. too quickly. I remember my daughter at your daughter's age and before I knew it, she's graduating from high school. It's sorta sad. Enjoy the time you have with her while she's a child. . .I'm glad I did but wish I could start over and do it all over again!!


Nicola said...

Aah your daughter is so beautiful Cathy, thanks for sharing this super piccie.
Nicola -x-