Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TGF Relay Day 2

Hey Everyone,

Today is day 2 of the TGF Relay. I used today's image on a journal. How cute is she!! This is a short post because Hubby is on the way home and supper has to be cooked and I'm trying to get my pic uploaded but the site is down!! UGHHHH!!

Thanks fof stopping by today and please leave a comment. I love comments!!

This is my blurry closeup of Charlotte. Maybe you can see the Shimmerz on her eyes and glitter on her belt buckle. Maybe!!! Come back tomorrow to see more goodies!!


Lynda Nielsen said...

Fantastic - I love the colors =)

AshKuku said...

Charlotte's so pretty.... Loved the use of colors.... to give the creation its elegance..... COOL!!!!


Tammi said...

I love what you did with her Cathy, the colors are great! So cute!