Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone!!

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm still alive!! I've been sidelined with a torn meniscus in my knee, discovering a blood clotting problem and then to top it all off...I had a car accident and totalled my car. Luckily, Brittany and I are ok. Real life has given me a swift kick in the you know what!! But I'm trying to get myself together so I can play again. I miss you all terribly and hope you are doing well. Please don't give up on me!! I'll be back soon I hope. We're trying to arrange my crafting area so that I can get my leg brace in and out without kicking everything over!!

Hugs to you all and I'll talk to you soon. Leave me some love, I could really use it!


Brandi said...

Holy cow lady! I am so glad that you are okay and on the mend! Take care of you! Big hugs!



Karen said...

Hi Cathy,

So sorry to hear about all your health problems and also the accident - so glad that you are all OK. I have been busy also with my inlaws and their health problems so have not been around too much myself. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon and we look forward to seeing you back in craft mode.
Lots of hugs.
Karen x

Lelia Pierce said...

Hey sweetness! Long time no see! Sorry to hear about the health problems! I hope you're recovering. Drop a line soon to let us know how things rae going! Miss you, GF!


Brandi said...

Just checking in on you again! Hope things are going better!

Hugs and smiles,