Friday, November 13, 2009

Softpencil Thursday on Friday!!

Hi everyone, how is your week going? Mine is going relatively ok. I just wonder sometimes, why we don't get instruction manuals when we have our children!! Do you ever wonder that? If God had asked me if I wanted one, I would've said sure, absolutely. While I spent a day and half trying to give birth to my child, what's a couple more pushes to get out a manual?? Of course this manual would need to cover the emotional outbursts of your child to the complicated medical workings os them as well!! LOL Sometimes it's just a little overwhelming, that's all.
We've been passing this sinus junk around between the three of us for a month or so. So this past Fri. Brittany got it again. Of course since I have asthma, I immediately got it again too. My husband is pretty lucky. He usually dodges the bullet, so to speak. I get up to take her to school and we're going through the drop off line and she says"mommy I don't feel so good". Yeah, as most mothers know, this usually means a most icky situation is coming. LOL So I pull all the way though the line and back home. I was up all night last night with my own issues and was looking forward to taking a good nap when I dropped her off. Of course that didn't happen, so I'm just now (at 12:00 am) getting on my computer to post this and hopefully get right back to bed. I know we're fortunate to have a silly, sassy, spunky, healthy daughter. But sometimes, I just want to ask that question to see if anyone else would've been willing to give that couple of extra pushes to get that much needed manual!! LOL Thanks for listening to me ramble.

Ok, this week's Softpencil challenge was to use this adorable pink digi paper, tag and butterfuly stamp on our creation. Well, if you read or follow my blog at all, using pink is certainly not a stretch for me!!

This is my out of focus shot that shows the pretty pink Shimmerz on her wings!

I also wanted to let you know that the new Christmas Softpencil images are in!!! Boy are they cute! If you haven't seen them, check them out here! Don't forget to join us at our PCP weekly challenge for a chance to win Softpencil stamps! Please visit the other DT diva's blogs for more inspiration. Their links are on the side bar.

I hope you like my creation as much as I enjoyed making it for you. Thanks for coming by my blog today to visit. I really appreciate you and your lovely comments! Have a wonderful day!


Softpencil said...

WOW Cathy!!! I love your beautiful card! amazing as usual! ;)

So sorry to hear about your issues, I would need that manual too...! LOL
and I understand you, I have asthma like you... isn´t good :(

Lisa Foster said...

Awww..this couldn't be any cuter than it already is! Love this Cath! I really like the rounded corners...I just never think to do that and it looks so slick!

I agree...I need a manual for my kids...STILL...and they are adults! LOL

AshKuku said...

Beautiful card..... I had a question!!! I'm not a professional like you... I just indulge myself in making me & my folks happy with some sticking, pasting, coloring... here & there on card stocks... I wanted to know How can I emboss figures into a plain card..... with no professional skills....Would look forward to...

My email -


Cat said...

Cathy your card is gorgeous! I love pink and green together! The sparkly heart flowers are perfect. Hope you and your family are well soon. And..Yes! I would have gladly given an extra push for a "how to" manual! LOL!

Cindy Haffner said...

This card is darling.