Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Baby's First Anya/Ian!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

It's 70 degrees here in TN but the wind is blowing about 100 miles an hour. Ok, maybe not that fast but it is terribly windy. I hope it doesn't mean that we're going to have storms! I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday wherever you are.

I had to share something with everyone. My daughter, Brittany is 9 yrs. old and in the 3rd grade. She is incredibly smart (I know I'm her mom) but she really is. She reads on almost a 7th grade level!! I know she got that from me!! I love to read. She is also an incredibly talented little crafter as well. She also got that from me!! LOL You can see the cute little snowman she made in the post under this one. I thought it was the sweetest little thing ever.

So anywhoo, she asked me to print her some Anya's and Ian's so I did. She took them to her room. She brought me some cardstock and a piece of patterned paper out of my scrap box and asked me to straighten the edges and she came back out of her room with this card!! She loves to watch me color and she took her crayons and colored this adorable card.

I am so proud of her (I'm wiping a tear)!! I think she did a wonderful job! She told me that she shaded and colored them using circle motions and I almost cried!! Isn't it scary and amazing what our children pick up from us every day?

I thought you might enjoy seeing her creation. She was so proud that I put it on my blog!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please leave me a comment and let me know you were here. I love to read your comments. Have a great rest of your weekend.


Danni said...

She did a great job!! How fun!

Anonymous said...

She should be proud! This is so cute. :) She is already quite the artist.

Christine Riley said...

She did a fantastic job, this is too cute! :)
hugs, Christine :)

Annie said...

she made a fabby card and obviously has inherited her talent! hugs, annie x

Janna said...

This is so sweet Cathy!!! Brittany did an awesome job!! Wow, her coloring is amazing and I love the papers and brads she chose! She is definitely going to be an artist and stamper! You are training her well!


Heather said...

Your daughter did a great job on her card. I always stamp up my Anya and Ian's for them and they are forever coloring them!!!

Fun to see the young ones creations!!!


Maria said...

Wow, your daughter did a fabulous job coloring the Anya image! She is a budding card maker! She is definitely an artist. You must be really proud of her!! Wish I could get my daughter to create a card with me. She is not at all interested!


Jodi said...

Wow she did a great job coloring her image!!
Jodi =)

Femin Susan said...

wishing the wind doesn't get worse.beautiful card.Cute!